21 julho 2023

New Zealand Part V - Workshops Preparation


Three steps showing the process of the painterly, graphite approach of my workshop "Slow Down, You Sketch Too Fast", which I taught in the 11th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Auckland, New Zealand. (those are not the same drawing, but the sequence represents the process)

As I told in a recent post, I changed my workshop's location a little as the primary subject was a little too hard to draw. I found a pleasant location down the road, with a small open courtyard, with a decent view of the Sky Tower into the distance and a couple of interesting houses near. I started a sketch there and soon realized that was the best location. It was quiet enough, there was some shadow, a good place for the participants to sit and some shelter in case it rained.

I did the same sketch three times: when I teach a painterly approach (with graphite), I like to have prepared at least one advancing step (for each session), so I can show the students a further stage of the process, and work from that on a little more, like in a cooking tv show. I also have a third stage, an almost finished one. This works really nicely, as adds a bit of a surprise feeling to my demonstration - I hide the stages, of course :)

My workshop location - I was pretty happy with it!

Here you can see a few of the drawings I did on location, laying on my bed's hotel in Auckland

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