30 junho 2023

New Zealand - Part II: The Flamboyant Impossible Tower


Actually, this was the first drawing I did (or start) in Auckland. The Auckland University Clock Tower was one of the subjects entitled to be part of my workshop location, so I went there asap to check it out and do a few sketches. 

I started observing the location, figuring the best spots to sit and draw. Unfortunately, the botton of the building was hidden by renovation works - even if it wasn't, I would have trouble to see it properly due to the cars parked across the street, right in front of me. If I moved a few meters to one side, there was a pedestrian passage; to the other side, a big tree blocked the view. So, I sat down and started - urban sketching is as unpredictable as my cat.

After struggling for an hour, I already realized that subject wasn't the best for my workshop - the building was sooo complicated, with its forms melting into each other (the corners were all somehow disguised). There were dozens of pinnacles in this mixture of Tudor and Flamboyant 19th century bulding. Too hard. I mean, that was an interesting challenge...and as I wrote down on my page : "it's not about the bulding, it's about the scenery".

I also wrote: 

"The pinnacles get all messy" (one couln't easily understand where they did belong to);
"Suggesting vegetation" (so I did);
"Looking for the sillhouete" (the whole body of the building);
"Inside shapes can be open" (so the eye doesn't stop everytime).

The mind wanders and we learn a lot, each drawing.

Eventually, I decided to prevent the parcipants from suffering from that intricate (however interesting) tower.

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