29 junho 2023

New Zealand - Part 1

 Last April, I went to New Zealand to join the 11th Urban Sketchers Symposium, in Auckland. That was the first post-covid international symposium. We were all missing them.

I was one of the instructors - it was my fifth time teaching at one of them! Although I gathered quite some experience as an instructor, it seems that it was my first time again - it never gets old! It's a big responsability to teach at a symposium. People are so eager to learn something from us!

Well, I arrived in Auckland 5 days earlier to acclimatize and to get myself well prepared for the 3 workshops plus one demo. I went to my location 3 or 4 times and sketched there in a variety of point of views, trying to find the best spot to do my demos and for the students as well.

Before showing the sketches I did on this location, I will share the ones that are already scanned. There are lots of histories and sketches to come. I hope I can keep up with it.

I woke up very early one day and decided to do a quick watercolor sketch near the hotel. There was a beautiful 3-story building around the corner at Queen St. I sat down and sketched it for 40 minutes, drawing and painting. I thought I needed that - doing a quick sketch, just to prove to myself I could!

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